Lawn Fertiliser

eddie garvey asked 13 years ago
Have an acre of lawn. In parts it is not very thick.Is developing small patches of what looks like dyng grass which after a while run into eachother to give large areas. Tips of grss have a red hue in these problem areas. I think its red thread. Anyway I think it needs a good fertlising. Locas say the area needs potash. Can you recomend an educated guess as to wht would be a good mix ,ie 101020 or whatever. ApRECIATE WITHOUT SEEING it you can not maybe be as accurate as ou mightlike to be in recomending a good mix but your recomendation will be better thnmy wild guess. Ps local garden centers are little use, most recomend a fertiliser that must be aimed at small lawns as it would cost me a fortun to fertiise my acre.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 5 years ago
Red thread disease can cause yellowish and strawy patches, usually in spring or autumn.

It generally affects weak-growing grass, poorly fed on poor soil or light soil.

Feed with fertilizer high in nitrogen, something like NPK 25 – 2.5 – 5, with 5 sulphur if possible as this greens grass very well.

Spread at no more than 30g per square metre, as needed, when rain has fallen and is expected and using a small fertiliser distributor.