Lawn, uneven, bumpy

gary laird asked 15 years ago

I live out in countryside on 1/2 arce site(massive front and back garden) and eventually now want to tackle the garden(a complete beginner). The front and back are uneven, and the grass is really thick and just takes away from the house we live in. What are the options? Kill it with roundup, level, and re-seed which is what I like to do but is it to late now with it been 23rd July.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
If the ground is bumpy, it will be necessary to kill the existing grass, cultivate, level, allow to settle, re-level, rake, spread fertilizer and sow.

 Kill off in August with Roundup and again after four weeks in case of missed bits. Then plough or rotovate. 

Rake and level over winter/earlyspring when dry and sow in April.