leggy seedlings

D C asked 7 years ago

I am relatively new to growing vegetables and am not having much luck with my seedlings so far. My French beans are doing good as the stems are nice and thick supporting nice leaves ready to plant out soon maybe ? but the broccoli, spinach and coriander are looking pretty miserable; Extremely long leggy and thin. I have done some research and understand why this is happening, I’ve insured my potting soil is good, water regularly with a spray bottle and have them on my nearest south facing sill. I am rotating the trays often and even giving them a Little ruffle sometimes to mimic breeze and try strengthen. My house isn’t too warm or cold.I’ve been thinking of investing in some grow lamps without spending a fortune on them or my electricity bill.. I know there are cheap ones from china on eBay but I need to know they are safe also. I see some articles online about using domestic regular fluorescent lamps but I’m not sure about it all.. perhaps you might be able to shed some light on the problem đŸ˜‰