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mary asked 12 years ago

Can you give some advice for our lawn. couple months ago cows broke into the lawn so there are hoof holes through out the lawn, combined with unevenness/lumpy for the remaining lawn. we also have a problem with weeds and clover. what would you suggest we do to have a nice even lush lawn?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Cattle pock marks in a lawn can be hit hard with a shovel when the soil in moist to level the edges of the mark then fill in the centre with ordinary soil and the grass will soon fill in again. A lot of marks cna be done with a wheel barrow of soil.

Simpl y mow the lawn regularly to even out the lumpy growth. If the ground is bumpy, a roller can level out little bumps, but larger bumps need to be reduced by lifting the soil and taking out the excess soil, or the whole area might need to be killed off with Roundup and re-planted.