Meadow gone wrong

Dan Reilly asked 6 years ago

I have an area about half acre and two years ago I converted to a wild flower meadow. The first year the results were spectacular. The second year was very disappointing with far too much grass and very few flowers. This happened even after I followed the instructions on mowing, cutting, lifting etc. I now have it mowed. Any advice on how to get this back the same as year one without having to rotavate etc.?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
This is inevitable because what you created was a ‘wildflower cornfield’ with poppies, cornflower, corn marigold etc, all wildflowers of cultivated ground.

 These are not true meadow flowers and grass soon supersedes them. If you want the same effect you will have to cultivate every year, more or less.

If you treat it as hay meadow, mown in early July each year, you will have a true meadow, also beautiful, though less colourful but more sustainable longterm. The hay cut off must be removed each time to reduce soil fertility and encourage true meadow wildflowers, such as buttercups, red clover and dog daisies.