Miniature Roses

s n asked 7 years ago

I was given 2 small roses in pots for Mothers Day. They came from Aldi. But there was no instructions on how to care for them or whether they are indoor or outdoor. I have them indoors at the moment in bigger pots. They looked cramped. I have them on a sunny windowsill but after that I have no idea how much water and care to give them. I have attached a picture and they are about a foot high with small pink roses.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Miniature roses are raised in greenhouses but are hardy and can be planted outdoors, placed where they will not be overwhelmed by bigger plants.

They can be grown in pots outdoors, kept nicely moist, not wet or standing in water and fed every three weeks when there are leaves on

They lose their leaves in winter and therefore do not look great indoors, where it is hard to give them enough light.

In general, they are kpet indoors while they flower and planted out, or grown outdoors in a pot after that.

They tend to be treated as disposable plants although they can last for years.