Mistletoe grafting?

Deirdre Halpin asked 13 years ago

I have recently brought back some mistletoe from France, 1. how can I keep it till Christmas and 2. Can I graft it on to one of my apple trees?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Mistletoe is what is called a hemiparasite … it grows on trees but also photosynthesizes as it is green.

The sprigs can be kept going for a time by placing them in a plastic bag, loosely tied and placed in a cool spot.

The berries can be squeezed to release a glue-like substance and then just pressed onto the underside of an apple tree branch, along with the seed, choosing a branch of 5 or more centiemtres in diameter.

Try several as only a few take root. The sticky material dries out on the bark and bonds to the bark. No tying is necessary.

It is believed that apple mistletoe is specific to apple trees, poplar to poplar and so on.