Mossy Garden.

C Myles asked 14 years ago
My garden is very mossy. High trees used to surrounded it, but last Summer I removed them – it now gets more light and sun. I applied 7:6:17 two weeks ago and today used a scarifier and spread lawn seed afterwards on top of the freshly scarified lawn. Was this the right thing to do and is there anything else i need to do now, or just wait? What other feritlisers should I use into the summer? 

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Reducing shade will certainly reduce moss growth and feeding is essential to encourage grass growth to compete with moss. 7-6-17 is a general fertilizer which is fine for a once-off treatment but is too low in nitrogen. Use a lawn fertilizer or a high-nitrogen fertilizer in spring and summer.

Scarifying is fine, and combined with re-sowing and feeding, will improve the lawn, but you may find that controlling moss with sulphate of iron and then feeding will produce better results.