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Sandra Reid asked 11 years ago

I’ve a 7 meter H x 20m L unsightly building/brick wall to cover up. Thinking of planting dense evergreens. The wall runs east/west so conditions are favourable with a sunny south facing location for planting ,though on slightly damp ground. Can you suggest trees that would do the job for this location in Co.Wexford. I’m planning on layering further trees and shrubs in front of the main ‘curtain’ of trees that will cover up the wall. As you can see this area is part of a driveway.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
You could use a climber such as Virginia creeper or ivy, or plant some smallish trees about two metres from the wall. such as rowan, birch, holly or whitebeam. Note that only the holly is evergreen, as you do not need to totally hide the wall to disguise it. The filigree of branches will soften it and it will not be obvious.

A too-solid screen of trees will be just as massive and clunky as the wall. You could use a few hydrangeas or lauristinus as fillers underneath. Spacing can be two metres or more for trees and rouhgly the same for shrubs and put a hundred daffodils under it.