Moving an Acer griseum (25 years old)

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Frank O\’Connell asked 12 years ago

I am planning a house move in July and would really like to bring a 25 year old Acer griseum with me. It is now coming into all its bark glory and I would hate to have to start all over again. Is it possible and if so do you have any recommendations on how and who might do this for me. Cork County region.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
First of all, if you have sold the house, you need to specify that the tree is not part of the sale.

This tree could be moved but will need special preparation to do so, namely, it needs to be dug around at 50 or 60 cm radius of the trunk in a  semi-circle by end March. A trench should be dug, cutting all roots and back filling.

In autumn, or spring next year, the other semicircle is cut around and the tree can be lifted the following spring or autumn for re-planting. The root ball is undercut for lifting. So the process could take up to two years.

Ideally this preparation needs to be done by hand as a digger can cause damage to roots.

After planting the tree will need the support of guys wires, properly anchored.

Nurserymen can do this work but usually do not work outside their own nursery. A competent landscaper could do it, especially if he had any nursery experience.