Moving Roses

Marie McCarthy asked 13 years ago

I know around November is the ideal time to move roses but my friend is moving house and will be gone by July. She has a beautiful yellow rose she cannot leave behind. If she moves it now by digging with minimum disturbance to root, should she cut it back first ? and what are the consequences of moving roses at wrong time of year. Will it just not flower well next year or could it die ?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
If a rose must be moved in summer, cut it back half-way. Use the flowered shoots as cuttings … rooting powder, inot a pot aof half-coarse sand, half peat and cover with a polythene bag.

Then water the bush the day before and lift as carefully as possible. Move it and water immediately and then the following day and then water every three or four days until new growth appears.

New growth might take a while, but stop watering after a month.  It might die but mostly they lose the leaves and survive.