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wayne allen asked 11 years ago

I’ve cleared an area, about 1/5 acre, which has about 20 native trees. The site is elevated and windy. I would like to mulch the entire area and have the followings questions:- Do I need to use a landscape fabric under the mulch?- How deep should the layer be?- Would you recommend bark mulch or wood chip mulch?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
There is no need to mulch under trees, as they will provide their own mulch when the leaves fall. Mulching for weed control is only a temporary solution as weed seeds blow in and grow on top of the mulch, and the fabric, if you put it down.

Better to underplant with shade-loving plants. It can be as simple as ivy on the ground, or use a range of plants or allow wild plants to re-establish and just cut them down in summer with a brushcutter each year. A couple of hours’ work at most.

Check out our Plant finder for shade-tolerant plants: