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Maura Morrin asked 13 years ago

Lawn set last September 2009. Fed it with 4 seasons lawn feed from garden centre a week ago when weather was dry. Rain arrived and mowing will have to be put back until weather improves. Need to know for next feeding in about 8 weeks time I presume can feed be applied when the rain is falling or the grass is very wet.426 Thanks , PatriciaAlso how soon after mulching can feed be applied and how soon after feeding can mulching be carried out. Is it advisable to mulch continuously or should I cut and bag every now and then please?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 5 years ago
Lawns can be fed with substantial rain on the way or just falling. The timing of feeding is as the lawn needs it …. pale green or yellowish and poor growth.

Mulch mowing is the same as ordinary mowing when it comes to feeding, and feed can be put on a day after mowing and mowing left for a time until feed dissolves into the soil. Less feeding is needed as mulching returns nutrients to the soil.