natural plants for west of ireland

pat mcintyre asked 13 years ago
What can I plant that will do well on an exposed site in Westport, Co Mayo, I’m looking for ground cover and trees that are natural to the area and will survive the salty winds.

Thanks Patrick

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
The best ground cover of all is trees, because they intercept the light better than any other kind of plant. If there is space to grow them, trees are the best choice.

The native trees that would appear in semi-wild areas in the West are hazel, holly, elder and hawthorn, and except for elder these are available. These could be underplanted with bluebells, wild garlic, wood sorrel, wood anemone and primroses, with ferns finding their own way in as spores. Ivy is a great ground cover too as is the woodrush.

 Control weeds for the first few years to give the trees a chance to get established. Plant them as small ‘whips’ at about two metres apart each way but at random spacing, NOT in lines.

 Go to our Plant finder for more choice of plants to resist strong exposure.