new boundary shelter belt

michael keane asked 13 years ago

I want to plant a shelter/ screening belt site 87m41m East and west roughly 87m. Entrance at the north.I would prefer trees as opposed to hedges. What types and quantities should I have. Many thanks.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
If you go to Know-how: Trees and shrubs: Hedges and shelter belts you will find lots of information on this.

Choose deciduous native trees and Scots pine, which is given native status by some experts. Good trees for garden planting or close to house and buildings are the smaller ones, such as birch, hazel, holly and hawthorn.

For damp ground, use willow and alder. Further from the house, the larger trees, such as oak and ash, can be used. Beech is not native but widely naturalized and Norway maple makes a fine tree for autumn colour.

Sycamore is not native but very wind-resistant as is Scots pine and Monterey pine Wild cherry is a fine tree to include in small numbers for its fine spring flowering and rowan for autumn berries.

Hornbeam is another non-native that is naturalized in places and very good on heavy land, where beech does badly. Small transplants of these species can be bought in forest nurseries.

Also, if you go to the Plant finder in Know-how, you will find more suggestions of trees and shrubs.