New flowerbed

Audrey Keogh asked 13 years ago

Hi, i recently moved into my 1st home there is just a rectangle patch of a grass(approx 2m x 1m) out the front that i want to turn into a nice flower bed i want 2 get rid of the grass, weeds etc and put some nice plants in that will take as little as possible to maintain etc. only thing is havent a clue where to begin what i use once i’ve dug it up (moss peat??)what kind of flowers to plant etc. any help would be greatly appreciated :–)

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Dig over the ground, turning down the grass sod to kill it. Or buy some Roundup and water it on to kill the grass and weeds and then dig it over.

Before digging, spread one bag of compost and dig this in. Then plant.

You can choose annuals for colour or some perennials that do not need to be replaced. You can find out more about these by consulting our Plant finder and selecting Perennial flower in the Plant type box.