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matraschka kyscheia asked 14 years ago

I would appreciate your advice i have a 3/4 acre field thats in the front of my house and looks unsightly i want to turn into a garden its very overgrown with heavy tufts of grass im putting up a poly tunnel i have been given but dont know the kind of plastic i need or how to errect it ,im hoping to grow all my own fruit and veg im not really able to do any heavy digging as as ive had back surgery but i dont mind getting stuck in to help im lost as to design i need to put a hedge down the lane i was thinking of laural,whitethorn blackthorn holly pyrachanta with some fuschia for colour.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
You need to start with a to-do list. Get the general garden sorted out before you put up a tunnel.

Consider planting up to half the space with trees. Cut back the grass with a mower or strimmer if necessary and spray the area to be planted with Roundup and plant a mixture of trees, using small transplants 60-90cm tall.. Garden woodland needs least effort of any kind of planting.

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Next control the grass area, perhaps treating it aas a wild flower area, which can be done by simply cutting it regularly.

When the woodland and lawn is sorted out. Choose an area to plant fruit trees and for a vegetable garden, and a site for a greenhouse. Make the vegetable garden small to start with.

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