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Carmel Needham asked 12 years ago

Battled bravely with beautiful inherited laurel hege on both sides of house, each side approx 200 ft long x 15 ft wide x 13 ft high. Need to cut it back really hard – losing many feet on sides and maybe 5 ft on top – radical! When can I do this and can I use a tractor/mechanical hedge cutter. Heresy I know, but one last effort to keep in under control!

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
This is perfectly possible, even to cut laurel to ground level and let it grow again. Cut off whatever you want in March. It can be cut with a hedge cutter, but to take off large amounts might mean cutting large branches which tend to shatter.

A tractor-mounted circular saw would do a better job on big branches, or cut by hand with a bow-saw or chainsaw if necessary.