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Colman Connolly asked 15 years ago

Hi Gerry,Last summer i laid out my lawn using top soil that was onsite after building the house, but i did not plant any seeds or remove the stones,the lawn is now overgrown with a combination of Grass and Weeds. I want to seed the lawn this year,What steps should i do first.1.Use Round up to kill the existing Grass/weeds when the Grass starts to grow again.2.Remove Dead grasss/weeds3.Remove the stones4.Even out using topsoilThen seed.As you know there is a lot of work involved with this,is the above my only option?Any Advise would be apreciated. Thanks ,Colm

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
The process you outline is about right … killing existing grass, removing big stones, cultivation and levelling, fertilizer and seeding.

If the soil level is okay, that is no humps and hollows and reasonably even, you could take a short cut by killing the grass and weeds, picking off the biggest stones, roll down the rest with a roller or plate vibrator and sow the surface. The latter approach might be a bit patchy for a time but a few feeds of lawn fertilizer and it will pick up.