paeonia with 1 bud

sheila walsh asked 12 years ago

In its third year my paeonia has 1 bud, but no more. It does not seem to be opening and the bud is covered with ants. it is in a south facing raised bed, but would not have much shelter. soil is slightly limey and fairly rich. plant is about 2 feet high. any suggestion

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Peonies often take time to settle and flower but then last for a long time. If there are ants on the plant, it is a sign there are greenflies too, bcause ansy farm greenflies for their honeydew. and you might wash off the greenflies.

It is likely that the peony will flower better each year … it likes well-drained soil in a sunny position but not dry, so a mulch of garden compost will help, applied in spring.