peach leaf curl

deirdre gannon asked 15 years ago

We recently purchased two small peach trees, they appear to now have peach leaf curl. Could you give us any advise on how we should treat it.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Peach leaf curl really only affects peach trees grown outdoors. In the drier atmosphere of a greenhouse, it usually does not develop.

If these plants were outdoors from February on, they can develop the disease, even if they are planted indoors later.

If they are outdoors they are likely to develop it each year. The foliage needs to be sprayed regularly with potato blight spray such as Dithane or Liquid copper. 

A loose cover of polythene sheeting draped over a wall-trained peach tree outdoors is sometimes used … for two reasons, to protect the flowers and to keep the foliage dry and prevent or reduce peach leaf curl. The cover is taken off in May, by degress, lifting it by day first.