Pear trees

Dawn Grace asked 10 years ago

I have 3 Pear trees, all of which appear to have what looks like fire blight. I have taken a cutting to my local garden center and was told they had an issue like mine and destroyed their affected trees after sending samples to lab for testing. The results returned negative but I’m not convinced. Any ideas what my trees might have?? Yesterday, under advice from Garden Center, I cut away blackened parts and I fed and sprayed with a seaweed growth stimulant. Really can’t afford to replace my trees. Any suggestions??

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
This is much more likely to be die-back from pear scab disease. It is easy to tell fire blight as it produces a droplets of creamy ooze from the base of the affected twigs.

It is is fire blight, it is a disease notifiable to the Dept of Agriculture and the trees must be destroyed, but fire blight is not all that common.