Planting a lawn now what would you do ?

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paul manning asked 13 years ago

I want to remove concrete in my garden and replace it with a lawn. Would you advise just lifting the concrete now before the cold spell and spend the next few months over the winter preparing the ground for April or would I be better off waiting until the cold winter is over to start a job like this. I want a real high quality lawn so grateful for what you would reccomend.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Concrete can be broken up and taken out at any time. The only consideration is the amount to be removed and the potential mess and disruption.

If this is not too great, take out the concrete now and fill with topsoil. This needs time to settle for sowing in spring, so that it does not settle after sowing and give a bumpy lawn later. 

Spread the top soil and tread it down if it is not too wet, or too big an area, and level it by raking or by using a stone rake machine. Control weeds with Roundup. This will helptto reduce weed grasses that have seeds in the soil and give a clean start to high quality grass.

Do a final level when the soil is settled in March or April and sow.