Planting for flowering impact in early June

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Hannah Flynn asked 14 years ago

Hi, I am helping with the gardening at my son’s school. They have a number of flower beds for the children to plant in and we want them to see their plants flower before the end of the school year, ie June 30th. Some beds will be used for spring bulbs and some for vegetables. There are a couple of brilliant sun flower beds too. We are currently tidying up all the beds and thinking about planning for next year, can you recommend some annuals and perennials please that will usually be flowering in early June so that the children get to enjoy them? And ones most likely to appeal to children – that are also easy enough to grow?! Many thanks in advance.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
There are lots of plants that flower in early summer, such as (perennials) oriental poppy, german iris, lupins,  lunaria, aquilegia, dicentra, primulas, allium and peonies.

You can sow hardy annuals in September to flower in early summer, such as  virginian stock, candytuft, nigella, cornflower, limnanthes and pot marigold.

Some of these are good nature plants, all easy to grow, colourful.. good for painting. pressing etc. 

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