planting pots

Marie O Connor asked 12 years ago
I am looking for ideas on what to plant in containers for my decking. The decking area is to the back of the house and is quite large. It gets morning sun so gets quite shady from 3pm onwards. I want to make it appear smaller and more imitiate with the use of containers so I want to plant plants with some height. Have you any suggestions?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Plants in pots are best if they are reasonably permanent and the pots are big.

Phormiums are very good, also agave and astelia … good for spiky shapes. Pieris does well in a pot as does juniper and Japanese maple. Hosta is excellent but withers back. Agapanthus is good, especially evergreen kinds. Ivy is good for trailing and evergreen.

Then ring the changes with spring bulbs and spring bedding plants, and in summer, plenty of summer bedding … ivy-leaved geraniums, verbena, or petunias.