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rose madden asked 14 years ago

I have a stone wall outside my house that divides my house from my neighbours and there is a hollow in the wall so I would like to fill it with some topsoil and set some flowers/plants. Could you advise what flowers/plants that I can set that would flower every year i.e. and also that would be low maintentance, so that I wouldn’t have to be replanting again next year and also what could I plant there that would grow all year. I would be planning in planting in the next few weeks.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
This can work well if there is enough soil in the available space for plants to root down into and not dry out. Mix some compost with the top-soil.

Plants could include: aubrieta, yellow alyssum, iberis, campanula, dianthus, sedum and mossy saxifrage.