Possible death of a Stella Cherry Tree

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Pat Marshall asked 15 years ago

About 6 weeks ago I planted a bare root Stella Cherry. I live in Central Scotland with a very sticky clay soil.There is no growth whatsoever but I rubbed off 1 bud, it was dead then another and it was green underneath, but still no signs of growth.Do you think I have lost it or do I prune it and leave it or just leave it, talk nicely to it and hope for the best. The weather here is a bit warmer now but still quite wet. I would hate to lose it and am about to plant a Victoria Plum with is now in growth within its polythene pot.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
It is unusual but sometimes a bare root cherry might not take. It might have been a bit tired, lifted a while which drains its energy for rooting.

If it is still green under the outer bark, it might still come on. So leave it alone, water just if it gets very dry at the root and see what happens. But it is unlikely to take.