possible soil contamination

Tim asked 13 years ago

Over the years as I dig my vegetable plot I have found bits and pieces of old household waste, i.e. pieces of old china, glass, small chunks of burnt coal, etc. Once I found a small scrap of lead. The property used to belong to a house dating from about 1830 and I think my plot is sited on top of an old household tip. My concern is more about possible contamination from dioxins or the like from the remains of coal fires than about the small annoyance of a few bits of china or glass. Also, for some years our neighbours used to burn garden clippings. and some bits of household waste and the smoke would drift across the ground. More dioxins?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
In the old days, composted household waste was spread as fertiliser.

The buffering effect of soil is massive and it wraps up things like dioxins and they break down.

Not an expert on dioxins but suspect you would get more dioxins on a short bus trip in the city.