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roslyn beattie asked 12 years ago

What causes premature fruit drop on my pear tree. Other pear planted beside it is fine.drainage is ok. I have been feeding with sulphate of potash

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
It is likely that failure to pollinate successfully is the cause. First there has to be compatible pollen from compatible varieties that flower at the same time. Then the pollen needs to be transferred by bees or other insects and they need a warm, calm day to fly. Shelter helps this. And then the pollen must grow in the flowers, sometimes it is killed by frost.

Freedom from weeds and grass for a 2-metre diameter circle and the potash will have helped. So pollination is a bit tricky, especially as you are in Cavan where the spring weather can be a bit cold for pears.

If everything else is okay and you think it is due to incompatible pollen, try the variety ‘Concord’.

If the drop of fruitlets takes place and they are hollowed out by grubs, this is due to pear midge. Gather all fallen fruits and destroy them to prevent carry-over of this pest.