Prepartion of vegetable garden

Chris Downey asked 12 years ago

This year gone by was the first year i had a vegatable garden. I had a lot of dock leave weeds, should i spray the garden now in preparation for next spring. Also due to bad weather i did not get a chance to dig out 2 ridges of potatoes, what should i do with these in relation to getting the garden ready for next spring as the lower end of the garden became vey wet by October

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Docks can be killed by sprying with Roundup when they have foliage. You might have to wait until they appear in spring with new leaves. Use a directed spray from a hand sprayer if the numbers are not great.

Potatoes left in ridges will have to be lifted at some stage. They will be useable until spring when they will sprout. In very wet parts of the garden, waterlogged, the tubers will rot.