Problem with caterpillars

Doreen Cresswell asked 14 years ago

This year I have grown broccoli, which was gorgeous to eat. Now however, when I cut the little off shoots, they are loaded with caterpillars, and even after steeping broccoli in salted water, there are still caterpillars which are so small they are difficult to see, so they end up getting steamed! The leaves are like lace at this point. I am growing more from seed now (they are only at a very early stage yet in a seed tray), but want to avoid steaming caterpillars! Is there a good organic remedy?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Broccoli can be prone to caterpillars in the head. There are some species which eat only the leaves and others that bore into the flower head.

The best bet is probably to use horticultural fleece or fine mesh netting to keep out the adult butterflies.