Problem with foliage

darren clinton asked 13 years ago

Gerry,They grew particularly well, albeit slow. Having moved them from glass house to garden troughout the summer as warm weather was inconsistent. Also, I planted them up in the pictured large pots.While they could not be potbound, recently the leaves on them have become droupped and yellow, falling off. With new leaf stems jilting out where the leaves older leaves met the stem, Im just a little concerned of the current rate of wilting.The buds of flowers appear healthy with five on the one pictured.Can you advise?ThanksDarren

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Datura is a very rapid grower and needs rich soil and plenty of root space. The pot is too small, and it may have dried out too, even for a day or two, and it needs re-potting.

If kept frost-free over winter, it will take up where it left off.