problem with potatoes

Dick Roche asked 12 years ago

I have been growing potatoes in this garden since 1978. I have got good tields for some time but recently the yield is down a lot. I have found that the stalks wilt at a time when the the potatoes would normally be good. I have rotated them every year and have sprayed them with Dithane at times when Met Eireann told us that there would be danger of blight.A friend of mine said that it could be virus desease and so I have frequently got new certified potato seed. Could you help me here?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
This sound slike potato eelworm which causes poor growth and wilting in summer and builds up to severe damage over a period of years. If you lifet some stalks in summer, you can actually see tiny round cysts of eelwrom, white or golden in colour less that 1mm across. These layer releases more eelworms and the problem can persist in the soil for years.

You will have to grow something else as there is no remedy except to wait for five years at least. But you could try resistant varietes such as Sante and Kestrel. Cara and Valor have resistance to golden eelworm.

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