Problem with Soil

Sean Dunne asked 13 years ago

Dear Gerry,I have a vegetable patch that is one year old, at the east side of a new house. I grew some vegetables it is last year but the soil is not good and nothing has been grown in it since last last autum, its now quite weedy with the remains of last years vegetation grass etc I intend to get a couple of loads of top soil in the coming weeks and spread approx 6 inches to a foot of top soil over the area. The question is do I need to kill the weeds etc and dig the ground before I spread the top soil .Many Thanks Sean

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
You could consider setting up raised beds … side smade of anything you can lay hands on … to give good deep beds.

You dont need to dig before spreading top-soil but you might consider using Roundup once-off to kill weeds as some things, such as docks and dandelions can grow up through six inxches of soil.

Only move the soil when crumbly and not sticky.