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Mary Walsh asked 12 years ago

I live in Bray co Wicklow and about a mile in from the beach. Our garden is quite sheltered and usually pelargoniums and fuchias and such like survive the winter very well. However this year Ihave taken some cuttings of fuchias, penstamon and abutilon and also have some other perennials in pots with a view to getting them hardy to plant out. Is it necessary to cover these plants with some protective fleece or should they survive the winter chills?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
These plants are not completely hardy but can survive in mild areas and mild winters. It is always possible that a sharp frost would knock them.

Covering with fleece in a cold spell can help but does not always succeed if the termperature drops low enough. As you are in a mild area near the coast at Bray, you might get away with it.