Pruning overgrown bay-tree

cecilia mcGovern asked 13 years ago

This unpruned tree overhangs front garden railing adjoining footpath, is circa 30ft high, across gate to neighbour’s side and higher leaves look different to normal bay. Because of the spread, it seems unlikely it could be restored to conical shape. One tree-surgeon (I’m still getting estimates) suggested it would have to be flat on top. Flat and wide would not be visually attractive.What is the best way to prune it and is it in danger from storms in its present state?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Bay laurel can be cut back as much as you like to whatever shape you like. This is best done in spring. Tell the ‘tree surgeon’ what you want exactly.

By the way, make sure they are insured.