Prunus shimidsu sakura

Alan Stenson asked 8 years ago

i have this tree planted about 7 years. the blooms are beautiful in maythe leaves however are yellowing but the main concern is that the leaves are not very numerous. tbh it seems to be in trouble. the small branches are delicate looking and unhealthy. i suspect that there is builders rubble directly underneath. there are other trees and shrubs growing very contentedly beside it. should i transplant later in year?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
This tree looks to be affected by poor conditions, competition and possibly disease.

The graft union appears large which may signal a poor quality union and failure to draw up sap well.

The beech hedge is rooting in the area of the cherry.

It might be planted too deeply.  And it may have some damage from blossom wilt disease. It is difficult to be precise about which of these or what combination is the cause.

Moving it might help and might not, but is worth a try as it will not survive where it is.