Raised Beds and Blueberries

Richard Wormald asked 12 years ago

I want to start growing Veg & Fruit in my garden. I have a large enough garden but want to know am I better using raised beds or digging up the soil? Also, can I start now with some winter veg or am I better off waiting til Spring time to get going? Do I need acid soil in a raised bed for growing blueberries, or what is the best way?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 5 years ago
Raised beds are not necessary to grow vegetables.

In theory, they make digging easier because there is a greater depth of soil, well packed with added organic material.

In practice, they improve drainage very considerably and the beds often dry out and need watering.

Raised beds are really only worthwhile on heavy soil where drying out in spring can be slow, but they can cause problems otherwise.

And, even on heavy soil, it is always possible to grow on drills or a raised seedbed without permanent sides. 

You might decide to have a raised bed for early crops and grow other vegetables in the open soil.

You can sow some spring cabbage later this month, garlic and broad beans in October and rhubarb in November. Fruit trees and bushes in general can be planted in November. 

Blueberries need acidic soil, separated from limy soil by raising it or by using polythene, whether raised or not.