Rooting cuttings of Pittosporum

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Conor Cronin asked 11 years ago

I am getting different advice on how to root cuttings of pitto, i have a empty plastic tunnel, What is the correct method, timing, base mixture, Plugs or trays?I’m hoping to transplant these next year.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Pittosporum can be grown from cuttings taken in September or October, dipped in rooting powder, inserted in trays of 2 parts peat and 1 part sharp sand, and covered with white polythene and kept in a cold frame or greenhouse.

The rooted plants can be potted into small pots in spring, or if a heat mat or propagator is available they will root more quickly, and can be weaned off the heat when rooted, the plastic cover opened gradually, and they can be potted up with the first signs of new growth in spring. Be careful not to over-water at any stage.