Rural ‘bog’?

Rachel O\’Connor asked 13 years ago

Our new home is apparently set on a ‘Bog’ it has been ploughed a year or longer ago and is terrible uneven including mossy puddles. Not save for our 2 year old to play in, nor can we mow it. Its that bad. How can we get a nice lawn and vegetable garden without spending our savings?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 5 years ago
It sounds like you have a drainage problem. This might be simply due to compaction by machinery during building, which is tricky to break up, or poor natural drainage.

You might be able to put in some land drains, at least over part of the area, and plant other areas with willow and alder, both of which like damp soil.

When the soil is drained you will be able to have a lawn and possibly vegetable if the ground is dry enough and the soil of good quality. Raised ridges would help to improve drainage for vegetables. 

More on drainage at: