setting allium gigantium?

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Bridget O Shea asked 13 years ago

Is it too soon to plant Allium giganteum? The packet says to delay setting as frost might get them if they come up too soon. also people tell me they are very hard to grow. Is this correct?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Allium giganteum can be planted in autumn, and in fact, alliums can be planted later than other spring and summer bulbs. It flowers in late May or June.

Alliums are easy to grow but the bulbs tend to run out of steam after a few years. They need well-drained soil, add some sand to an area the size of a manhole cover, and dig in some rich compost or rotted manure and feed with some general fertilizer.

Watch for slug and snail damage to the foliage.