Shrubs/perennials which look good in a heatherbed

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Arie Gorissen asked 8 years ago

Making a large heatherbed (70 m2). Using mainly winterflowering heathers and some conifers.What other small flowering shrubs/perennials can be added to have some colour in the summer/autumn? The area gets full sun and is exposed to wind. Soil is clay and some added mosspeat.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
On limy soil near Kinnegad, you can only use heather varieties that are lime-tolerant, such as Erica carnea.

If you look at heather-covered hills in the uplands you will see grasses, mainly purple moor grass, and sedges which are also grassy.

So… why not try some of the smaller, under 50cm or so, grasses, such as molinia, stipa and carex.