Sick Pittospornum ‘Silver Queen’

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Colum O\’Dwyer asked 10 years ago

This large pittospornum has been in our garden since before we built our house on the site. This year the tree seems to be a bit sick, with much less leaves than usual. The leaves that are on it seem to lack vigour also. There have been some limbs cut off about 4 years ago, but they mostly seem to have healed / be healing. Is it possible to transplant theses to other parts of the garden and will they grow on next year? when and how should be transplanted?Is it likely that the cold winter has caused this? If so, is there any hope for the tree? I have some more photos but could only upload one.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
That appears to be frost damage and it is unlikely that the tree will recover its former condition.