Storage of packets of seeds

bernadette mccormack asked 12 years ago

I forgot to store the packets of seeds that I purchased last Spring such as pansies, petunias and cosmos in a sealed container or bag. They are still in date? I sowed them indoors nearly three weeks ago with very poor germination rates apart from the Cosmos. Cosmos is a bigger seed. I do think germination conditions were adequate. Is it worth testing these seeds using the paper towel method or are they dead?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 5 years ago
Seeds all lose some level of viability as they age, some species more quickly. Cool conditions help as the seeds respire less.

If you are doubtful about batches of seed, try a few on damp tissue in a warm place as a test. Live seeds will show signs of sprouting.

Even with low rates of germination it can still be worthwhile to sow.