Kathleen Stapleton asked 11 years ago

I have strawberry plants in the tunnel (2nd year). they have been out over winter, will they fruit this year? and when will i start to feet them. can these plants be sown outside and what time of year? can outdoor strawberries be mulched with well rotted farmyard manure?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Strawberry plants are normally only forced once in a greenhouse, as it tends to greatly weaken the plants and they do not fruit as well second time round, but you could try them seeing as they are in pots and have been put outside for a cold period in winter. Feed every 3 weeks with a standard dilute liquid feed.

Forced plants are usually discarded but can be planted out in the open ground and might recover reasonably well.

Farmyard manure is too rich for strawberries and encourages fruit rot, also you don’t want fruit lying on manure, however well rotted.