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Peg Dunne asked 12 years ago

Strawberries growing in ground since last year. If I cover them in straw now (march) will that help to keep the slugs away as well as protecting them from soil damage. Do have to use something for the slugs also. I have eggshells kept all winter and was going to use these with my brassicas.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Mulching strawberries with straw tends to increase fruit rot and slug damage. It does help to keep the berries off the soil but this only spoils an occasional berry,

If you want to keep the berries off the soil, you could apply strawas the flower trusses begin to expand and this will lessen slug damage and rot, but these will still be favoured by the damp under the straw.

Straw mulching is not much used.