Summer flowering cactus

judy o keeffe asked 13 years ago

Hi Gerry, I have a cactus house plant just like the winter flowering cactus which produces cerise coloured flowers in winter, however mine produces orange flowers in summer, or rather it DID! Now it just produces luscious green glossy cactus leaves, some buds but it hasn’t flowered in years! What do you advise re best location and/or any special treatment to encourage flowering? Thank you.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
This cactus is proably a Zygocactus, and the one called Easter cactus flowers in late spring or early summer.

These plants can be upset in their flowering by artificial light. Try putting it in a room that gets a natural daylight cycle, or close to it. They often do well in a porch which is not constantly or brightly lit.

Good growth would indicate that it is healthy but you might be over-watering or over-feeding a bit and that would reduce flowering.