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shirley cowan asked 12 years ago

Three questions in one I’ll try to be brief.I planted summer raspberries in my allotment two years ago this summer. They grow but not to any great height and leaves curl no fruit to talk of. I have autumn raspberries beside them and they usually are fine.I have a coronet coxes pippin in a pot which I regularly water and feed . There are plenty of apples coming on but I noticed last week that the leaves are curling and spotting. Will this affect the apples ripening?I have honeysuckle growing wonderfully but the old leaves are dying off. Is this just nature dropping off the leaves or have I a problem. They have lovely autumn berries.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
If the autumn kinds are okay, it sounds like you might have bad stock, virus-infected. Get some new canes in autumn.

Apple trees always struggle in a pot due to lack of root space, water and feed more often.

Honeysuckle can get a bit weather worn and drop its leaves early.