Jerry O\’Regan asked 15 years ago

Attempted to grow Turnips for the first time this year. Harvest two and found when i cut it down the middle there was a hole in the middle. It looked like it never developed. The looked fine from the outside.I did cut a smaller turnip in half and found the middle looked ok.I would have eat it but my wife didn’t like the look of it and put in the recycle bin.What is the hole from? lack of water / feedIs there a way of stopping it for future crops?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
This could be related to uneven growth, which occurred during the summer. Another cause, which can be related to weather effects, can be boron deficiency. This can cause browning at the heart of the root, due to a breakdown of cell tissues.

When you grow them again, water the seedlings when about 10cm high with a general liquid feed such as Miraclegrow, which supplies trace elements, including boron, or use a general fertilizer from an agricultural co-op, called a boronated compound. Boron deficiency is quite common and can affect apples too.