Use of Mypex in ‘country style’ planting?

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Corina Colleran asked 11 years ago

My question is mainly whether the use of Mypex is compatible with a country style border – I am hoping for an (eventual) country border, where various plants spread to give an overall coverage within the border. If I plant them initially through mypex to minimise the maintenance, does that limit their ‘spreading’ capacity? I have in mind plants including lavender, bleeding heart, crocosmia, astilbe, etc.If you don’t think mypex will suit my needs, can you suggest another means for reducing weeding in the intial years of establishment – mulch only, etc?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Ground cover material has a value, principally under gravel, but with shrubs it also has the drawback that leaves and other debris will accumulate on top, and weeds will grow in the rotted leaf mould.

For a shrub or mixed border, it would be best to use a mulch of bark, which will last two years, by which time the plants will be established and weed control can be carried out by hoeing or by the use of carefully directed sprays of Roundup, until the plants meet and enforce their own weed control.